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An integrated gateway solution that implements web access control, network security, antivirus protection, spam
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26 May 2014

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This is a software tool that helps you monitor user traffic to and from the Internet.

Traffic Inspector helps to integrate and complement the network capabilities of Microsoft Windows. It will enable you with various functions related to majority of tasks arising when you are connecting to the Internet; first off, it will let you control Internet access and traffic. Users may be working either directly, through NAT, or through the proxy server. The program will create a separate account for each user. All the actions of each of these accounts could be displayed in simple and understandable reports. The tool makes it possible to set up a proxy server and the protections provided by a firewall. Traffic Inspector proxy server allows caching of frequently-used Internet resources, blocking banners, ads, graphics, videos, and the banning of undesirable sites. Firewall protection is available at two levels. It will provide protection against external network attacks. You could also use the system of locks and alarms at excessive network activity to guard for internal security. The program also provides an accounting system that can be used to account activities at various levels. Accounting for traffic is done per byte for each user. You could determine the unit of accounting, limits, blocks, filters and schedules. Traffic Inspector checks continuously for network infections by viruses. It checks traffic through the proxy server and the mail gateway to provide an overall anti-virus protection. Quite often people hog the entire bandwidth with large bandwidth downloads. This tool will let you set limits and a built in routing helps divert traffic when loads are severe to alternate communications such as the satellite channels.

The interface is well laid out. Controls are easily accessible. This is a very good product and if you are looking for a tool like this, this could be it. Go ahead and try it out.

Publisher's description

Traffic Inspector is an all-in-one Windows-based software solution for network security, web access control and traffic analysis. The solution is equally suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Traffic Inspector gives you a plethora of tools needed to protect your network.
Internet access control. Access to Internet resources is granted to authenticated users. Logon hours, filtering rules and other access settings can be configured on a per-user basis.
Network security. Traffic Inspector firewall provides protection against external network attacks and the Flood Mitigation system blocks users that generate excessive network traffic.
Web filtering. Web access rules are used for blocking unwanted sites, banners, ads, graphics, music and videos.
Anti-virus protection. Traffic Inspector Antivirus is powered by Kaspersky Lab technology. The gateway anti-virus scans web and email traffic and removes malicious and potentially hostile programs.
Spam filtering. SMTP gateway protects the corporate email server by blocking spam and unwanted email.
Traffic accounting and billing. Traffic accounting may be accomplished on a per-user basis or by means of counters. Users and groups can be billed for provided services or consumed traffic.
Advanced Routing. Different types of Internet access are supported: routing/NAT, HTTP proxy or SOCKS proxy. Advanced Routing feature allows traffic routing decisions to be based on various matching criteria. Bandwidth limiter allows the available bandwidth to be split between users and groups. Traffic prioritization for important network traffic flows is supported.
Reports and logging. User activity on the Internet may be conveniently displayed in real time or in the form of flexible and easily understandable reports.
Traffic Inspector
Traffic Inspector
Version 3.0.1
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